The highest quality, authentic Muay Thai gear. Highly recommend their products! 
Gav Mihai - WOTM Customer

WOTM Muay Thai Shorts HA Taew

$99.95 AUD

WOTM Muay Thai Shorts Sak Yant

HAND MADE in Thailand
Traditional Thai style and sizing
High quality Thai boxing training & fight shorts


Small - up to 60kg Fighter

Medium - 60-70kg Fighter

Large - 70-80kg Fighter

XL - 80-100kg Fighter

Ha Taew - The 5 Yantras

Ha Taew is a traditional Thai tattoo design that represents five different elements:

Earth - Represents stability and grounding, symbolizing a strong foundation for life and fight.

Wind - Represents mobility, freedom, and agility, symbolizing the fighter's ability to move quickly and effectively.

Fire - Represents energy, passion, and intensity, symbolizing the fighter's inner strength and power.

Water - Represents fluidity, adaptability, and balance, symbolizing the fighter's ability to respond and adjust to changing situations.

Sky - Represents transcendence, enlightenment, and spiritual awareness, symbolizing the fighter's connection to something greater and their pursuit of a higher purpose.

Quality Muay Thai Shorts!

Made of 100% polyester satin fabric, lightweight, smooth and soft.

Moisture-absorbing technology makes it comfortable and breathable to wear.

Our WOTM Muay Thai shorts have been worn by many top level fighters around the globe.

Hand Made in Thailand

These meticulously hand crafted shorts can withstand heavy duty combat sports usage.

Grips tightly yet comfortably around your waist so it doesnt slip off easily.

Along with excellent flexibility to allow you full range of combat motion.

WOTM also has some great Muai Thai fight gear that are definitely worth checking out. Australian brand and the best authentic Thai quality. I can't recommend them enough!

Luke Weatherstone

If you love Muay Thai get on to WOTM, great content and the training gear is top quality and the designs look awesome. Can’t wait to see what else they bring out I’ll be ordering up some more shorts.

David Muller