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Namman Muay Thai Oils - 6 Pack

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Muay Thai Oil 6x 120ml bottles Nanman Thai Oil

The perfect size for your gym bag

Thai Boxing Liniment or Thai Boxing Brand Oil is external analgesic pain reliever Namman Mauy has been specially formulated to be used for pre-sport warm up, to prevent muscle straining, spraining or injury during sport and for use as an after-sport or injury home care treatment.

Namman Muay aids in maintaining consistency in training and strenuous activity by helping eliminate or reduce nagging aches and pains. Thailand as a sports oil , traditionally for the Muay-Thai Boxers.

It's good for blood circulation, speedy recovery and the temporary relief of aches and pains that are usually associated with contact all sports,or any activity, overworked muscles,tendons, rheumatism and arthritis.

Namman Muay is the only kind of liniment in Thailand that possesses these unique characteristics. The body will be ready for physical exertion after applying and rubbing the muscles with Namman Muay.

The benefit of Namman Muay were learned mouth to mouth, from the Thai boxers to their relatives and athletes of other kinds of sports such as basketball, soccer, track and field, etc. It is well-known that Namman Muay can eliminate pain and stiffness, as well as increase alertness and energy in your body. Today it is essential for boxers, soccer players, runners and other athletes.

Over the years ** it has become very famous and is now widely used all over the world. ** Ingredients : Methyl Salicylate & Menthol Directions : - Apply Boxing Liniment all over the body as a pre-sport warm up and gently massage, then re-apply after sport or strenuous activity to loosen tight muscles or for pain relief. -

Apply Boxing Liniment as an injury treatment at least 3-4 times a day to the stiff or painful areas and gently massage.